How We Came Up With Super Dulce De Leche

Our dulce de leche production has been on quite a journey. Some of you might have tried our original dulce flavour back in Darlinghurst 10-15 years ago, when we were allowed to import traditional dulce straight from Argentina and churn it directly into our gelato. Since the Australian government halted imports from South American for fear of 'foot and mouth' disease, we've been on a roller-coaster ride of recipe testing, trying to replicate the first class Argentinian gold. But nothing would cut it. We pulled dulce from our cabinets for a few years, until we could be proud of what we were serving up again.

Fast forward to 2018, we took on the challenge of making it ourselves, on a large scale. After Nick took a trip to Argentina along with the guidance of local Santiago, we bought a Paila machine and shipped it right to our factory in Rosebery. You can read more about the full process here.

Our house-made dulce de leche is used to make the holy grail of signature flavours: salted caramel white chocolate, yoghurt and caramel, dulce de leche and now we have super dulce de leche, the newest edition to the caramel flavour family.

When we re-introduced straight dulce into the cabinets, it's fair to say there was a bit of excitement. But addicts wanted more. Our chefs developed another version of it as a special; coined super dulce de leche. It was so popular that we decided to add it permanently to our range of signature flavours. The dulce de leche gelato has lashings of dulce de leche smeared through it, for that extra caramel gooeyness.

Drop into any of our stores to try it, you can also buy our dulce straight, by the jar.

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