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Messina Classes

Go behind the scenes and see where the gelato magic happens at our brand-spanking new Messina HQ space. May – July tickets are available now.

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Behind the Scenes

We're opening up our new Marrickville home on Wednesday evenings for behind the scenes access.

Not just a tour, this is as close to being Willy Wonka as you can get. You'll be eating, drinking and taste-testing your way through our factory, all while becoming a gelato making whizz as our chefs impart knowledge on how and why we make our gelato the way we do.

Sydney Tours

Price: $170

Wednesday evenings 6.30-8pm / Location: Messina HQ, Marrickville

Come behind the scenes and see where the magic happens. Located at our shiny new Marrickville home, you'll be taken on an interactive behind-the-scenes tour of our headquarters where all Messina products are made.

At Messina, we are passionate, verging obsessive about the creative process. We make all our gelato, cakes, additions, and chocolate from scratch using the best possible ingredients we can get our hands on. Feels like everyone says the same thing these days, but we want to show you just how far we go to make what we think is arguably the best gelato on the planet.

What to expect:

  • Meet in our new Messina Creative restaurant for a welcome drink, snack and to dump your bags after a long day at the office.
  • We'll start with a tour of the store, then it's time to get your hairnet on and go inside the factory!
  • Our chefs will explain how we make our gelato jussst so, how we come up with famous 'Messina Specials' and OF COURSE there will be tastings involved so make sure you come hungry. You'll get to see everything we use to make our gelato and our very own Dulce de Leche machine.
  • Ever wondered how we make the famous Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom cake? Now's your time to poke your head in the freezer and find out exactly how. Plus there'll be a chance to glaze a cake in an interactive demo, and eat a slice.
  • Next, we'll head into our custom-built Chocolate Room where you'll see our chocolate being made and get to sample the goods.
  • If you're not full yet, it's back to the store to try gelato fresh from our churning machine, and to choose your flavours for your take-home 500ml tub.  You'll recieve a 'Messina the Recipes' book and a 2 pack of Messina Chocolates.


we are able to cater for dietaries in the tastings if you notify us within 1 week of your booking. If you have a nut allergy, sadly we won't be able to accommodate this in the chocolate part of the tour.

If you have any questions about classes, contact us here