Messina App

Earn Messina Points every time you buy gelato in-store

Earn Messina Points for buying gelato

What's better than free gelato? Not much. If you don't have the Messina App already, you're missing out on earning points everytime you spend in a store,

$1 spent = 10 Messina points

Messina points = free gelato and other cool stuff

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Redeeming An Offer On The App

1. Check your points balance on the top of the home screen so you can see how much you have to spend

2. Scroll through the offers on the screen to see what you fancy

3. Once you decide, click on the tile to open the offer

4. Click the 'Redeem for X points'

5. Approve your purchase 

6. If you're collecting then and there, you can head to the counter and show them your offer

7. If you want to save the offer for the next time you're in store, click 'Use Later' in the top righthand corner and the offer will save in the 'Saved Offer' tab on the menu

Once you've redeemed an offer, the points will automatically be deducted from your balance. Please note that if you save a voucher, the expiry is effective as of the moment it hits that date. E.g. 12am on the specific date.

Paying On The App

1. When you're ready to pay in store, press the brown Paying with App menu at bottom of screen

2. You'll see your number displayed

3. Order as normal and tell the staff you're 'paying with the app'

4. they'll ask you to confirm your number and the transaction will be processed

5. The amount will be debited from your card

Your Points Can Add Up To

  • Free scoops (if you’re good!) – once you rack up 400 points, you can redeem for a scoop!
  • Messina merch… A swanky new tote bag perhaps?
  • Entry to our ‘Board of Specials’ where you get to vote on your favourite specials coming back into the cabinet
  • Ongoing love from the Messina team at your local store (optional)
  • A free scoop of Messina on your birthday (fyi you have to have spent the small amount of $10 on your app before you’re eligible for this)