Current Specials

You can see our current specials by viewing the last 5 posts on our Instagram or Facebook.

All our specials last for seven days from the day they are posted on our Instagram/Facebook unless they sell out in advance & are available in all stores. This means if a flavour is posted on Tuesday, the last time you can get it is Monday night before the store closes.

What Makes A Messina Special?

Anything goes for a Messina special – smashed up cheesecake, cookies, red velvet cake, caramel, honeycomb, coulis, fudges, wafers, brownies…we’re not afraid to add bacon, nachos, potato chips…pretty much anything can be made into a delicious Messina special in the hands of our Head Chef Donato Toce.

The Creative Process

We like a good crunch, a sprinkling of textures and killer flavour combos. We’re also partial to ‘recreating’ something as a gelato – we’ve made everything from banoffee pie, iced vovos, margaritas, fairy bread, JD & coke to our version of a golden gaytime (since renamed as have a gay old time after an imminent law suit). We’ve probably made about 5000 different flavours so far and aren’t out yet…

To keep up to date with our specials, follow us on facebook or instagram.. or both if you have some serious will power.

Hall Of Fame

Here are some of our most popular specials - follow us on Instagram to see when they’ll be back in store


    Shortcrust gelato with marshmallows, raspberry puree and choc chips.


    Fior di latte gelato smashed with baked cheesecake with a pretzel crust and pretzel fudge.


    Cream cheese and caramel gelato smashed with white chocolate potato chips smothered in caramel sauce.


    Creme patissiere gelato with pistachio fudge, pistachio praline and cannoli shells.