Our Very Own Farms

We have our own dairy and hazelnut farms which supply amazing ingreidents for us to make our gelato with.

How Did That Happen?

Ever since the very beginning, we have been obsessed with making the best gelato we can, using the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on. As we've grown in store numbers - from our single site in Darlinghurst - to where we are now, we have maintained our ethos and in someways, are able to get even better produce, due to the volumes we need. We work with a handful of amazing suppliers for everything from our pistachios, which come from Bronte in Italy to our mangos from Erskine Park in QLD. And it got us thinking, could we produce anything ourselves?

If you didn’t know already, the main ingredient in gelato is milk - so this seemed like a logical place to start. In 2016, we bought our own dairy farm in Country Victoria and began the process of producing our own milk. It’s not been easy, but we’re very proud of how far we’ve come and that we’re now able to supply ourselves with our own beautiful creamy jersey milk, which we think makes the best gelato in the world. We have also embarked on a journey of growing hazelnuts (which is slightly longer term).

  • Dairy Farm

    Not only do we now produce our own milk. We produce some of the highest quality Jersey milk we’ve ever come across. Super high in cream content and full of flavour, our milk is the foundation and critical building block to producing the best gelato in the world.

  • Hazelnut Farm

    The nuts we currently buy, tondi di gentili dele lange, are from Italy and are honed as the best in the world. But this variety doesn’t grow very well in Australia and we wanted to grow our own so we could have more control over our gelato. Which lead us to buy our own hazelnut farm.

Got A Question?

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