Got a Question?

We get a lot of questions but the majority of your answers can be found right here!

Stores & Stuff

What time do you open?
It depends on the store. Check out our stores page, select your store and the info you seek will be there!

Are you open on public holidays?
Yes! We are open every day of the year, besides Christmas Day. We sometimes open later on certain days like New Year’s Day, or when we're having a staff party.

I've tried calling your store a million times! Why aren't they answering?
The stores get very busy and loud (especially at night), so sometimes staff don’t get to the phone in time. Leave a message and we'll get back to you asap. You can also email us or message us on Instagram.

I've seen something on Instagram I want to eat - where can I get it?
We do lots of festival and events which we make custom products for all over Australia. Keep an eye on our blog to see where we’re headed next.

Do you do gift cards?
Gift cards available in every store and online! – if you want to avoid postage you can grab an e-gift card or visit any store to buy one.

Do you deliver?
We use UberEats as our delivery service, you just need to make sure you’re in the catchment area for delivery. Head over to UberEats and type in your address to check if you’re in the delivery zone.

Do you sell your cones and cups?
For personal use, yep! Just ask in store. We have 6 packs of cones for sale in all stores.


How long do specials stay in the cabinet for?
All our specials last for seven days from the day they are posted unless they sell out in advance. This means if a flavour comes out on Tuesday, the last time you can get it is Monday night, before the store closes. We introduce five new specials every week from Tuesday - Saturday.

Do you have any vegan flavours?
All of our sorbets are entirely vegan. Click here to see them.

Are your cones vegan?
Yes, no hidden bacon inside.

Is your gelato safe for pregnant women to consume
Yes. All our products are pasteurised.

Are your products halal?
They are not certified halal, but they do not contain any product that is non-halal. Except for our Tiramisu, Rum & Raisin & any specials which contain alcohol.

Why do all your chocolate flavours contain nuts?
The machinery used to produce our chocolate is also used to make our nut pastes. As such, these flavours DO contain a very small percentage of nuts. Please note, our factory does process peanuts and tree nuts in other machinery, therefore ALL flavours (including sorbets) MAY potentially contain traces of nuts. If you have any allergies, please make sure you ask our staff before you order.

Do you sell bigger tubs of gelato?
We can organise 5L tubs of gelato from certain stores with 3-4 days notice. These are $90 each. Please call your nearest store to enquire.

Do you have sugar free gelato?
No, sorry. All our gelato and sorbet contain sugar. There’s no beating round the bush. Treat yo self, really means treat yourself.

Do you have an ingredients list of your flavours?
We don't have a full ingredients list for our flavours available, however you can read all of our flavour descriptions, including allergens here.

About the Business

Who owns Messina?
Messina has 4 owners – the company was started by Nick Palumbo in 2002, and since then he has been joined by his brother Danny Palumbo, Head Chef Donato Toce and Declan Lee. You can find more info here.

Do you franchise?
No, we do not franchise. We are entirely privately owned and run.

Will you sell me gelato for my awesome new café/restaurant?
Nope sorry! Our factory is at full capacity just making product for our own stores and we do not wholesale our product we’re afraid.

Do you do collaborations?
Yup – we love a good collaboration and are happy to work with brands on exciting new projects. Have a look at our past collabs or shoot us an email if you're interested!


Can I order a cake?
Yes you certainty can. If you’re ordering for a special occasion you can order online for a future date, or reserve for same day or next day pick up. If you prefer to live life on the edge, you can walk in to any of our stores and see which cakes are available on the day.

Can I order on the phone?
Not anymore sorry! Just online here.

Do you make custom cakes?
No, we don’t make custom cakes. You can buy one of our 8 gelato cakes which are all equally delish and handmade by our chefs.

What is your refund and cancellation policy policy for cakes?
Please choose carefully. If you'd like to cancel your cake within 7 days of ordering, please call the store directly for them to process your refund. If it is after the 7 day period, please email the head office for them to process. If you have ordered a custom product such as cookie pies, Easter or Christmas cakes, we’re afraid these are non-refundable, as we’ve had to make them specially for you. If you'd like to switch your order to a different cake, you'll still need to call the store to cancel your previous order.

Is the gelatine in the cakes halal / kosher?
We use a beef gelatine that is halal and kosher.

I'm running late to pick up my cake!
Don’t stress. There is no need to call us, just turn up when you can as long as it’s before closing time, we’ll have your cake for you.

Gelato Classes & Creative Department

Do you run gelato classes?
Yes we do run gelato classes in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Click here to find out more or to book.

Do you sell the powders from your recipe books so I can make your gelato at home?
Yes – you can buy them online or in-store from Fitzroy (VIC), Rosebery (NSW), Braddon (ACT) & South Brisbane (QLD). Give them a quick ring to check they have stock or pop in.

What is the Creative Department?
The Creative Department was a dessert degustation - it used to be next to our store in Darlinghurst, but will be reopening in our new Marrickville HQ very soon.