Pepe Nose Best - a special collaboration flavour

Pepe Saya croissant gelato - a special flavour collaboration

To make the best croissants, you need the best butter you can get your hands on. And it's for that reason we’ve teamed up with Pepe Saya and have used their amazing Australian cultured butter to bake our own croissants.

If you don't know already, we make nearly everything which goes into our gelato from scratch, and the croissants for this flavour were no exception and baked in-house by the Messina chefs. We baked the delicious croissants and then blended into the gelato base to create a smooth buttery gelato...which tastes just like you’re eating croissants...but in gelato form.

Pepe and his team generously invited us to see how they make their butter which you can see on the video below.

The flavour PEPE NOSE BEST is in all Messina stores from Tuesday 22nd October for one week or until stocks last.

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