The Biggest Strawberries We've Ever Seen!

Tony and Anna who grow our strawberries on their farm in Dural, NSW are seeing strawberries over 100g each this season

Over the years, Tony has been unofficially labelled the "King of Strawberries" and with strawberries weighing over 100g EACH it's pretty easy to see why - Tony and his wife Anna are the best in the biz.

 Tony & Anna have been growing strawberries for over 40-years now and after a chance meeting with Messina’s Founder - Nick, we were lucky enough to convince them to exclusively supply us for all our strawberry needs. 

These strawberries are used in every scoop of Strawberries & Cream and Strawberry Sorbet you'll eat in any Messina store.

You're probably used to seeing small punnets of strawberries in the supermarket, with the larger of the fruits often lacking taste and sweetness. This year, at rhe farm, we've been seeing a mammoth crop, but despite their size, they're all packed with flavour and juiciness.

As to why they're so big this year - Tony describes it like "having an extra biscuit with your cup of tea" - he's been tending to the beds with an extra watering and puts it down to the heat this season. He also admits, he's not quite sure why they've grown so big this year. One thing he is sure of, is that these strawberries - however big - are still packed with flavour. They are harvested as soon as they are perfectly ripe, and as we are not at mercy of transport and logistics, head straight to Messina HQ in Sydney, where they are processed to be used in our gelato and sorbets at maximum ripeness. The beautiful fruits have also been causing a stir in the restaurant industry, and now are delivered to Lennox Hastie's restaurant - Firedoor - for use in one of his delicious desserts, as well as our own gelato degustation 'Creative Department by Messina'.

If you're lucky enough to pop into Messina HQ when the strawberries arrive fresh from the farm, you might be on the receiving end of a on of the delicious fruits - so look out for them!

two strawberries weighing over 100g each
juicy all the way through!
Tony making sure our picking is up to scratch

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