New Cakes Have Arrived

We've been hard at work over the past three months creating a brand new range of cakes.  From perfecting the layers to give you the perfect fork full, working on how to get the chocolate spray juuuuust right or making a glaze that keeps it shine through fridge, freezer and beyond, it's been a long and a delicious road. But they're finally ready for your eating enjoyment.

There are 8 brand new cakes available from all Messina stores, which can be purchased in-store from our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra stores or online.

The new range includes five new gelato cakes and three new 'trans' cakes which can be eaten from the fridge, or the freezer and have a longer travel time of up to 3 hours. Great for birthday cakes, celebration cakes, wedding cakes, divorce cakes, office party birthday cakes, or I wanna eat a highly delicious cake days.

Better than your average ice cream cake, we now produce many of our key ingredients and make all our cakes by hand at Messina HQ. We own a dairy farm in Country Victoria which supplies high quality, full cream jersey milk for our gelato, make our own chocolate from scratch using the finest Ecuadorian cocoa, make our own dulce de leche the Argentinian way and we are even growing our own strawberries in Dural, NSW. You’ll see these key ingredients in the new range.

We hope you like them.

PLEASE NOTE: we are currently unable to offer Messina App points on online cake purchases as our systems don't like talking to each other :(. If you would like to receive points, please phone the store you would like to pick the cake up from and tell them you would like to pre-order a cake and pay with the Messina App.


Gelato Cake

Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom Cake
dark chocolate gelato. peanut cookies. dulce de leche. flourless chocolate sponge. popping candy feuilletine grass base.finished with red chocolate glaze and white chocolate dots. The only cake to stay in the range.


Gelato Cake | Price $105 | Serves 16 – 20

The Golden 8 Gelato Cake
hazelnut gelato. hazelnut mousse. hazelnut fudge. chocolate coated rice crispies. chantilly cream. caramel sponge.finished with rocher glaze and gold velvet chocolate spray. This gelato cake has a chocolate dome made from our own Messina chocolate.  An updated version of our Black Forest Cake, once seen on Masterchef, our gelato chefs have re-imagined the flavours to create the Golden 8.  Tastes like a giant Ferrero Rocher!


Gelato Cake | Price $68 | Serves 12-16

Bombe Alaska Gelato Cake
milk chocolate gelato.raspberry sorbet. raspberry gel. chocolate crunch. finished with torched raspberry meringue. An updated version of our classic gelato cake, the Bombe Alaska with a new pink meringue.



Gelato Cake | Price $68 | Serves 10-14

How Now Gelato Cake
jersey milk gelato. dulce de leche. dulce de leche gelato. jersey milk soaked sponge. milk crumb. vanilla cream. finished with black and white chocolate cow print. We make all of our own Dulce de Leche in-house using a specially formulated Argentinian recipe and our milk comes from our herd ofJersey cows on our farm in Country Victoria, Numurkah. This gelato cake is hand decorated with a cow print chocolate pattern.



Gelato Cake | Price $68 | Serves 10-14

Quad Choc Messina Gelato Cake
milk chocolate gelato. white chocolate gelato. dark chocolate gelato. toasted white chocolate parfait. flourless chocolate sponge.crunchy caramel milk chocolate. finished with velvet chocolate spray. An even better version of our popular Triple Choc cake. The Quad Choc now contains – yes you guessed it - even more chocolate and a new highly delicious toasted white chocolate parfait.



Gelato Cake | Price $58 | Serves 8-12

Starwberries and Cream Messina Gelato Cake
vanilla gelato. strawberry sorbet. wild strawberry mousse. strawberry & masala soaked sponge. strawberry gel.  finished with fresh strawberries in strawberry gel.  Replacing the classic Juliette, the Strawberries &Cream gelato cake takes first prize if you want a beautiful cake for any occasion. The marbled strawberries in the glaze are fresh from our farm in Dural, NSW.


We've added three new 'trans cakes' to the new range - these clever cakes can be eaten from your fridge, or your freezer (and taste equally as delicious, whichever way you like it). They have longer travel time of up to 3 hours when stored as a fridge cake - perfect if you’re travelling a little further, or taking out to a restaurant or celebration

Take them out for dinner, take them to a party, take them where every you like without having to worry about that 30-minute time limit to get it home and into your freezer. And the best thing – if you do want to eat as a gelato cake, you can do that too. Just follow our standard guide for gelato cake transport transportation so it will stay intact.


TransCake – eat from the fridge or freezer | Price $58 |Serves 8-12

Boysenberry Cheesecake from Messina
lemon curd. boysenberry cream cheese mousse. biscuit crumb base. topped with chantilly cream and boysenberry preserve.


Trans Cake – eat from the fridge or freezer | Price $58 | Serves 8-12

Tiramisu Cake from Messina
tiramisu mousse. coffee soaked sponge. coffee ganache.chocolate & coffee tart shell. finished with piped Italian meringue and velvet chocolate spray.



TransCake – eat from the fridge or freezer | Price $88 | Serves 10-14

The Slab cake from Messina
caramel mousse. caramel sponge. peanut milk chocolate crunch. peanut butter cremeux. finished with milk chocolate glaze and Messina print chocolate square.


Scroll through the images to see the layers once the cakes are cut in half

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