Messina Milk — Available For Delivery And In Stores

Dodge the supermarkets... buy our delicious full cream Jersey milk on Deliveroo or pop into our stores to grab and go.
*Not available at The Star or Circular Quay

All of our stores are open for takeaway and delivery, so take a WFH break and walk/ride/drive to one of our stores for a pick me up. Along with your scoops and tubs, stock up on our 1L bottles of fresh Jersey milk. One less thing to buy from the supermarket and it's highly delicious and nourishing. If you're not able to leave the comfort of your home, that's ok... all of our cakes, tubs, milk and even mini gelato cakes (monos) are available for delivery.

We've been self-sufficient in dairy for about a year now — all our gelato is made using milk from our herd of 400+ Jersey cows who live in Numurkah, country Victoria.

Our cows are completely pasture fed on grass, lucerne, and clover. They are never grain fed, and although we are not ‘certified organic’ we follow organic best practice so our cows are as happy as can be. They are only milked only once a day which means they are less stressed and as it turns out, results in an even higher quality milk (with more cream), which is exactly what we are after. The volumes are significantly less than you would get milking 2-3 times a day (about 40% less), which is fine as we are not at the mercy of the big milk processors like the poor dairy farmers we are hearing about in the news.

Over time, as the demand for our unhomogenised and unadulterated milk increased, we've been able to up the supply and package it up into 1L retail bottles. Both are 100% recyclable, but you can choose either plastic bottles for $4.50 or a old-fashioned glass bottles for $6.

If you're a milk drinker, you'll automatically notice the difference between our rich product and the stuff you'd find at the supermarket.  With a slight yellow tinge, cream separation around the bottle-neck and higher nutritional content — it makes your morning coffee/cereal/shake much more delicious.

Try it for yourselves.

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