Creative Department X Black Market Sake Degustation

From 3rd-5th December we're hosting an 8-course degustation with Black Market Sake โ€” the leading importers of traditional Japanese sake and spirits.

The Creative Department's head chef Remi Talbot regularly uses sake and imported Japanese ingredients in his degustation and drink pairings, but we're taking it a up a notch with Matt Young โ€” a renowned sommelier and founder of Black Market Sake. Previously in wine as the head sommelier at ARIA, Rockpool, Fratelli Paradiso and 10 William Street, Matt noticed a lack of artisanal Japanese sake in Australia and wanted to to fill the gap. Having travelled throughout Japan for 20 years and learning about ย traditional brewing techniques from small suppliers who have been making sake for hundreds of years, he's become a bit of a master himself. We welcome his expertise throughout our 3-night Black Market takeover, as our menu gets even more unusual.

The 8-course degustation includes produce like: Moreton bay bugs, caviar, Jerusalem artichoke, Messina chocolate and Rosebery honey. Each dish will be accompanied by a Japanese sake, whisky or plum wine, either served straight or mixed into a delicious cocktail.

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