A New Messina Store — Hello Randwick

We've opened a new store in Randwick, and this one's going to be a hit with the kids

At the beginning of 2020, we were planning a few stores further a field (yes we know....North Shore...Adelaide....we haven't forgotten you!) but things have been a little iffy to say the least in the last few months. So, we decided to focus our efforts a little closer to home - and luckily, for Randwick residents, this means a new store for you!

Randwick marks the 20th Messina store for us, which makes us feel incredibly lucky to have got where we are today. Who would have thought it when we opened our doors back in Darlinghurst back in 2002, we'd be here. Not to get too mushy on you all, but we wouldn't be here without your support and gelato eating tendencies over the years.

There's quite a few things which have changed in the last 20 stores builds (new cabinets - have you noticed these?) and some things that haven't. We still to this day produce every single one of our flavours from scratch at Messina HQ in Rosebery, which are churned fresh in each of our stores daily. This is something we're pretty much obsessed with and ensures we can keep all our flavours tasting as the way we think they should. We also design and build the stores ourselves (with a little help from our architects and tradies of course). Nick Palumbo (who started Messina in 2002) has been drawing up store designs ever since, and his brother Danny Palumbo, who is a trained joiner and carpenter does the fit outs - you'll see his handy work on the custom built cabinets at Randwick.

You'll find the new store in the Newmarket development of Randwick, located opposite the Prince of Wales hospital. This store is also close to a massive playground on Barker St for people of all ages, which means you can bring your kids in to our new store after a play-date at the playground.

We stock our full range of 40 flavours (including our 5 weekly specials), gelato cakes, Messina Milk by the bottle and a selection of Messina merch.

Come see us for a scoop!

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