Make Messina Cocktails At Home With Cocktail Porter

Looking to stock up on Christmas gifts or snazz up your bar for the holidays? Order Messina Cocktail Kits from Cocktail Porter and get them delivered to your door.

In the spirit of 2020 and the three things that got us (almost) to the end of the year, we've partnered with Cocktail Porter to combine gelato, Messina spreads and booze in these easy to make cocktail kits.  Head mixologist Tim Phillips, previously bartending at some of Australia's best bars, tried and tested many a combination, but landed on:

Dulce De Leche Espresso Martini: A twist on the traditional Espresso martini, ditch dessert and have one of these instead. Ciroc Vodka is combined with coffee liqueur, premium cold drip coffee, Messina's famous Dulce De Leche Topping, and shaken hard to create that infamous foamy top. Finished with Messina Chocolate Hazelnut Spread and shaved coconut!

Coconut and Lychee Giña Colada: Our Gina Colada takes a fruity twist on a traditional Pina Colada but made with Gin! Take Tanqueray Gin, Coconut Water, Pineapple Juice, Verjuice and Messina Coconut & Lychee Gelato* to create a delicious creamy cocktail. * This kit includes a redeemable vouchers for a tub of Messina Lychee & Coconut Gelato

Both kits are available to order now and come in mini (6 serves) or large (18 serves), so you can choose your own adventure.


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