Vivid Blacklight Dessert Lab X Dopa By Devon Cafe

Darling Square will light up taste buds during Vivid Sydney with an installation By Motti & Smith and Belle Laide Events that will blur the lines between food, art and architecture.

If you haven't managed to visit our Blacklight Dessert Lab yet, be sure to pop in for our final week. After that the Blacklight Dessert Lab will be dismantled and never seen again (no pressure).

From Monday 10th โ€“ Saturday 15th June we're partnering with Dopa by Devon Cafe who've co-created two delicious Japanese inspired dessert drinks to accompany you through our experimental UV-lit instillation.

From Monday, you'll be able to taste:

MATCHA MADE IN HEAVEN โ€“ Fukuoka matcha and Messina jersey milk latte, matcha gelato and matcha cream topped with matcha crumbs

YUZUADE โ€“ Yuzu syrup, tonic water and coconut jellies topped with Messina yuzu sorbet

The luminous shipping container will continue to run until the 15th June, opening for trade between 6pm - 11pmeach night.

Brisbane based artist Leans has decked out our hub with a multi-dimensional neon light installation.

We've also made two glowing core Messina products which will be available every night:

TOP OF THE CHOCS โ€“ Creaming soda gelato, sour strawberry jellies, vanilla semifreddo and strawberry marshmallow, piped into a fresh cone and dipped in a glow in the dark chocolate

DR. EVIL'S POISIONED MINI MUSHROOM โ€“ Chocolate gelato, peanut butter cookies, feuilletine grass and dulce de leche mini mushroom finished with glow in the dark chocolate

But the fun doesn't end there.

We'll be opening in the new CBD Darling Square development in August, along with our Dessert Lab partners.

They're all glowed up after partnering with us at the Blacklight Dessert Lab.

Make sure you drop in for a snoop, a sweet treat, and don't forget your camera.

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