Treat Yourself With Our Mini Gelato Cakes

Messina Mini's are back! Our single serve gelato cakes have been restocked and are now available at all Melbourne stores, Rosebery, Darling Square, Braddon and South Brisbane.

Shrinking all the good stuff into one-person sized mini gelato cakes, the Messina chefs have developed a range of ‘monoporzione’ or ‘monos’ for short. Translated from Italian, monoporzione means ‘single portion’ – and these are the perfect size to polish off all by yourself. There are six new flavours in the range, available to purchase individually, or in boxes of 3 and 6. Rock up to your next office do or party with a box of these, or just hide in the corner and eat them all to yourself.

The range may be new, but Messina monos have been around since the early days. Back when we had one store in Darlinghurst, some of you may remember we used to sell them in the small space next to the store (which now hosts our Creative Department degustation). We out-grew the space and upped our cakes sizes but are now bringing back the range in mono form at selected stores.

Each mono is handmade at Messina HQ, just the way our larger cakes are made, but just in single person size.

Available at: Rosebery & Darling Square (Sydney), Braddon (Canberra), South Brisbane (Brisbane) and all Melbourne stores.

Each mono should have 20 minutes travel time, but if it's a particularly hot day please bring a cooler bag or buy one from us in store to make sure they survive the journey!


$12 each | Box of 3 $33 | Box of 6 $63

Dark choc mousse, choc gelato, dulce de leche, peanut butter crunch & feuilletine grass glazed with red choc and white choc dots
White choc shell filled with coconut crunch, coconut dacquoise, earl grey lychee gelato & earl grey lychee mousse, topped with lychee compote and choc ‘straw’
Hazelnut mousse, choc hazelnut ganache and hazelnut gelato finished with caramel glaze, cocoa nibs & roasted hazelnuts
Malt & peanut praline caramel and toasted white choc malt mousse finished with toasted white choc glaze
Marsala-soaked sponge, strawberry mousse, strawberry compote & vanilla gelato, covered in torched Italian meringue
Milk chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, coconut gelato & almond crunch finished with desiccated coconut and black chocolate spray

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