Sydney Creative Department x Brix Distillers

The Creative Department By Messina is run by head chef Remi Talbot who has made quite a name for himself creating dishes and paired non alcoholic drinks that transcend expectation and the norm in fine dining.

When Brix Distillers got in touch with us, the partnership was a no brainer.  The new Surry Hills distillery was created out of a love for rum and its bad reputation.

Bringing molasses to the masses, they worked hard to create and distill three different rums on-site.  All derived from natural cane sugar, their white, gold and spiced rums are available in all of the delicious cocktails at Brix and in our one off collaboration.

Remi has worked closely with the Brix head chef Ivan Sanchez (ex Bodega, Porteno) to create a savoury menu that walks through the process of producing rum.  Curated around the eight steps of distillation, the dishes and paired cocktails showcase fermentation, ageing, smoking, spiced infusions and of course every dish incorporates gelato or a frozen component.

Expect dishes like:

Smoked and grilled aged duck breast, crispy spiced duck skin, dark chocolate mole gelato, turnips filled with duck foie gras

Accompanied by a three month barrel aged chocolate & coffee rum negroni

WHEN: Friday 8th or Saturday 9th March

WHERE: Brix Distillery 350 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

SITTINGS: 6pm or 8:30pm in groups of 2 - 12

PRICE: $210 | 8 courses with 8 paired cocktails / drinks

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