Sticky Beak Festival Sydney

Archie Rose Distilling Co. has teamed up with drinks writer Mike Bennie to create an inaugural two-day festival of incredible drinks, food, DJs & masterclasses.

There will be cocktail bars from Archie Rose, Continental Deli, Jacoby's, and PS40, a P&V baller wine bar with local wineries and producers including Sparrow & Vine, Wildflower, and Frankly Bob Made this Wine. You'll also have the chance to sample dishes from Bloodwood, Fabbrica Pasta Shop, FIREPOP, LP's Quality Meats, SUNDAY Potts Point, Vannella Cheese and Yulli's.

On the dessert front, we'll be set up in our trusty Messina caravan serving two delicious custom products, as well as four of our most popular signature flavours:

PAV-LOVER SUNDAE – vanilla gelato with baked meringue, swirls of passionfruit and raspberry gel

MESSINA DE MILO – Layers of chocolate malt gelato, malted milk mousse & chocolate malt fudge, coated in milk chocolate & biscuit glaze

A lineup of DJs featuring Wax’o Paradiso and Sydney favourites Simon Caldwell, Honey Point, Bria, Ariane and Charlie Chux will be soundtracking the event in the iconic Hyde Park Barracks courtyard.

WHEN: 29th – 30th April, 5 – 10pm

WHERE: Hyde Park Barracks


ENTRY: 18+ only


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