Messina Eats Hoy Pinoy Is Back!

Missing your Hoy Pinoy fix after Night Noodle Markets Sydney was postponed? Save the date for Messina Eats — 13th & 14th May at Rosebery HQ.

Hoy Pinoy are coming back to Sydney exclusively for Messina Eats, ready to fill the Filo feast void in all of our lives. Bringing their open-air Filipino barbecues all the way from Melbourne, they'll be setup and smoking out the neighbourhood from 12pm on Friday 13th – Saturday 14th May.

Their classic marinated chicken and pork skewers are back as well as a few new specials. They're releasing a brand new Boodle Platter which is a smorgasbord of boneless beef short rib in bistek tagalog glaze, smoked inasal wings, longganisa (smoked sweet pork sausages), rice, Filipino pickles and spicy banana ketchup.

We'll be on desserts and drinks of course:

MONAY MILK BUN – with a scoop of your choice: ube, leche flan, cheese or pandan gelato. Also available in a cup or cone.

BUKO PANDAN DRINK – sweetened coconut milk with pandan jellies


1 x boneless beef short rib in bistek tagalog glaze
2 x smoked inasal wings
2 x longganisa (smoked sweet pork sausages)
1 x steamed rice
Filipino pickles & spicy banana ketchup 

INIHAW NA MANOK – chicken skewers in traditional soy glaze

INAHAW NA BABOY – pork belly skewers in banana ketchup glaze

LIEMPO LOADED FRIES – chopped liempo (pork belloy), cheese sauce, adobo seasoning

KANIN – steamed rice with atchara (green papaya pickle)  

WHERE: Rosebery HQ - 58 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

WHEN: Friday 13th - Saturday 14th May | 12pm - late


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