New Store - Darling Square Now Open

Messina Darling Square is now open, and things are looking a little different.

Our latest store is now open in Darling Square, and we're pretty chuffed with the new look. We've recently introduced a new style of cabinets in our interstate openings (Canberra, Brisbane and our latest reno in Melbourne) and Darling Square is the first Sydney store to see them installed.

The new cabinets are a type of pozzetti, which is the traditional way to store gelato. Pozzetti help to keep the gelato protected and away from the elements of air, wind and moisture. We’ve always wanted to use pozzetti cabinets, but when we first opened our stores, you could only get covered pozzetti which you couldn't see through and we know our customers like to see the flavours they're choosing from. Our new cabinets have a glass lid, so customers can see the flavours, whilst they are still protected. The best of both worlds.

Our new store is a short walk from Haymarket and Darling Harbour and is next to the new Exchange Library and other great places to eat.

Come see us 1/19 Little Hay St, Haymarket.


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