Messina Jersey Milk Is A State Winner In The 2020 Delicious Produce Awards

In 2016 we bought a dairy farm In Numurkah Victoria and 450+ Jersey cows, becoming self sufficient in our milk supply and creating the highest quality milk for our gelato. And in 2020 our milk won a VIC state place in the Delicious Produce Awards.

The Delicious Produce Awards have been running for the past 15 years. Developed to search and champion Australia's finest and most innovative producers of primary produce. The judging panel made up of a selection of Australia's best chefs, tasted each of the nominated products before announcing the state winners, followed by the national tasting and awards in October. Weighted under five categories: dairy, earth, paddock and sea, the products are judged on their provenance, seasonality, sustainability, craftsmanship and the contribution made to the Australian dining scene. We are incredibly proud that our Jersey Milk has been recognised by the Delicious Produce Awards, cementing our milk amongst some of the best dairy producers in Australia. You can taste if for yourself when you eat our gelato, or buy a bottle of our take home milk for your morning coffee, breakfast, or try it straight up.

Read about our journey to vertical integration and what sets our milk apart ...

We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can do things better.  From the outset, we’ve strived to make just about every component that goes into our gelato, sourcing the best ingredients we can find. We’ve always made our gelato from scratch using our own unique recipes, whilst baking, making and creating all of our own ‘additions’. A few years ago, we got to thinking – what if we could take it one step further and actually control the quality of some of the raw ingredients that we use? What if we actually became primary producers of some of these key ingredients? It started as a bit of a pipe dream but we are proud to say it's very much a reality.

The unadulterated Jersey milk is unhomogeonised and higher in cream content (5-6%), protein and flavour, making for a higher quality gelato.  Our Jersey cows are completely pasture fed on grass, lucerne, and clover. They are never grain fed, and although we are not ‘certified organic’ we follow organic practises.  As the milk is unhomogenised, customers will notice the cream rise to the top, just like the old days.

The higher cream content and unhomogenised natural separation, seasonal changes in flavour and colour depending on which pasture the cows are feeding on and our once a day milking practises, results in a higher quality milk.  By having full control of our farming, we’re able to produce a superior milk, designed for our gelato production, whilst being 100% self-sufficient in our milk supply.


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