Pomelo Online have free tubs of Messina for you

Want to lock in a 5* dinner in for next week? Fancy a free tub of Messina with that?

If your answer is yes, then head on over to our mates at Pomelo Online who have put together some super fancy and super tasty meal boxes, made my their team of in-house chefs for delivery to your door.

And, to make it even better, we're throwing in a limited number free 1.5ltr tubs of Messina on orders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

1.5ltr tub = Slated Caramel & White Choc and Vanilla

If that's not enough, Pomelo Online also deliver wayyy further than we do - if you're living in Greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, we're looking at you.

Head over to their website to order you dinner, and see all the fine print here

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