Be Good And Take Your Dad To Messina For Father's Day (1st September)

We made new merch and a special whisky flavour, just in time to celebrate your Dad.

What's your dad's favourite Messina flavour? You'd better hope it's either salted coconut and mango or pistachio, because we made two limited edition pairs of socks inspired by the aforementioned.

Get him a pack of three dazzling new foot warmers, that will remind him both of you and of Messina every time he puts them on—it's a win win situation—. A limited run of them will be available in all stores from Friday 30th August, just before Father's Day.

If you prefer to treat Dad to a nice lunch, day out on the town or cook him up a storm, we've developed the perfect dessert to end your family meal.  Made especially for all the great Dads out there, our Father's Day gelato special will be released on the 31st August in all stores. Made in collaboration with none other than the spirit gods; Archie Rose, we've developed a rye malt whisky caramel gelato:

SUGAR DADDY – Archie Rose Rye Malt whisky caramel gelato with pecan fudge

The custom flavour was made with Archie Rose's first ever whisky, which recently sold out directly after the release. The AR team sourced rare malted rye and barley from progressive malt houses, before pairing it with virgin American oak casks and air-drying it for 36 months. The notes within the spirit evoke flavours of spiced custard, ginger, stone fruit and baked apple – which translates into the flavour with a surprisingly fruity and spiced taste, in combination with the creaminess of caramel gelato and pecan fudge. Might be biased, but think we're onto a winner with this one.

If your Dad's more debonair and expecting an even more luxe Father's Day gift—although hard to beat socks and scoops—, you can gift him tickets to our Messina Creative Department, what dad’s sweet and savoury dreams are made of. He'll be presented with an 8 course degustation, perfectly paired with non-alcoholic drinks. If you’re struggling to imagine the details of the meal, think brioche and foie gras gelato, royal hare and black truffle sauce with smoked potato puree, or pine nut gelato, pickled nameko and pine mushroom tortellini with parmesan. You can book tickets from September–October here.

Don't disappoint your old pa on his special day, treat him like a king. You can find your closest store here and thank us later.

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