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We recently rescued a seriously retro 1969 CITROEN ICE CREAM VAN, gave him a little spit and polish, and kitted it out with a banging soft serve machine.

Actually, after a few seriously hyperactive weekends bouncing off the walls, we decided to share the sugar love and by parking up out side our friends ST ALI in South Melbourne for two weeks in February.

We made a new menu of soft serve sundaes, gelato sandwiches and a nostalgic gelato birthday cake (complete with a candle). Even if it’s not your birthday, you’re still allowed to eat it.

Nicknamed the 'MESSINAMOBILE', this big guy may not be able to push 30kms/ hour but boy does he make up for it in frozen sweet goodness.  The roving wonder will be starting his life outside ST. ALI during February and slowly chugging his way around Melbourne, pumping out soft serve and birthday cake to his fans.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday 13th - 21st February

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY - Dulce de leche gelato and vanilla soaked sponge topped with whipped cream and sprinkles

Messina 'Birthday Gelato Cake'

LITTLE LUNCH - Peanut butter gelato, raspberry gel and peanut butter crunch sandwiched between vanilla sponge

Messina's Peanut Butter and Jelly Gelato Sandwich

MR LOVA LOVA - Vanilla soft serve with passionfruit puree, baked meringue, raspberry jelly and freeze-dried raspberry

Messina Sundae served from our mobile van

LIKE WARM APPLE PIE - Vanilla soft serve with apple compote, burnt butter powder, whisky caramel and puff pastry

Messina Gelato Sundae


Milli Vanilli - Vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone

Milli Vanilli with flake - Vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone with a flake

Milli Vanilli with choc dip - Vanilla soft serve in a waffle cone with a flake and choc dip

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