The Creative Department Degustation Is Coming Back To Melbourne

As the new year is fast approaching, we thought it was about time to bring the Creative Department back to Melbourne. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas present, or Sagittarius season birthday gift, you can book your seats to our classic degustation or Good Pair Days collaboration in January 2020... not as far away as it sounds!

Our pop up restaurant is located out the back of our Windsor store, in a secret, private room. Creative Department Head chef Remi Talbot and the team of Messina chefs are curating a custom menu covering all grounds. A little sweet, savoury and umami, all dishes have a frozen element on the plate. But this is not a dessert degustation. It's very much a meal.

If you're opting for the Good Pair Days sitting, your meal will be matched with wine pairings by Banjo Harris Plane, three-time Australian sommelier of the year. Each drop has been hand selected to amplifying the dish and your experience.

If you'd prefer to experience our classic sitting, you now have the option of adding an alcoholic pairing to your booking. Pouring a combination of spirit-based cocktails, rare wines and Japanese sake — with a few non-alcoholic drinks so you're not rolling out the door. And if you don't want anything alcoholic, you will automatically receive 8 non-alcoholic drinks which have been created which just as much thought as each dish.

Seats are selling fast... so don't delay. You can view the sample menus for both, read more or book in HERE.

Creative Department x Good Pair Days sitting: 16–18th January, 6pm or 8:30pm

Classic Degustation: 23rd–25th January, 6pm or 8:30pm


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