The Bondi Van Has Restocked The Creams Of Your Dreams

Start saving your pocket money kids, the creams of your dreams have been restocked at our North Bondi Van, just in time for Spring.  

Surf's up and the beach is getting busyyy.  After hybernating over winter, the cutest of the Messina fleet will be back where it belongs... on the promenade in North Bondi.

Our chefs have been hard at work developing an insanely good menu. We've tried them all, multiple times.  Can conclude, would highly recommend.

Come and try our:

PIMMS O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE: Pimms and lemonade icey pole with fresh cucumber, raspberry, blood orange and mint juice

ICE ICE BABY: fresh mango and raspberry icey pole

THE PINE-A-COLADA: Pineapple and coconut sorbet, dipped in white chocolate rocher glaze

BONDI-NOFFEE: layers of banana gelato, dulce de leche, shortcrust and whipped cream, topped with peanut praline and choc chips

OFF THE WAGON: raspberry sorbet, marshmallow and jam, sandwiched between chocolate biscuits and coated in dark chocolate

CHOK-IT-OUT NOW: salted caramel gelato and chocolate fudge, coated in milk chocolate and rice bubble rocher glaze

You'll find us in a semi-new spot whilst the North Bondi renovations are still happening. We're in front of the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club every sunny day in the school holidays and every Friday-Sunday when it's not school holidays. If it's raining or really cold, you won't find us out. Our little van doesn't like getting his feet wet.

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