Messina Milk - you can now buy 1L bottles!

Messina Milk is now available by the bottle in selected stores.

A few months ago, we were very happy to be able to start supplying our own Messina milk for all of our gelato. And now, we've got enough for you to buy it by the bottle...

If you haven't already heard the news, we have our own Jersey cow farm in Numurkah, Country Victoria, where our herd of 400+ happy Jersey cows live. They produce all the milk we need, which is beautifully rich, creamy and full fat milk perfect for making our gelato. It's also perfect for eating on your cereal in the morning, which is why we're delighted to now be selling it by the bottle in selected stores.

Sold in an old school glass bottle or a 100% recyclable plastic bottle, the milk is pasteurised and unhomogenised which means if you leave it to sit in your fridge, the cream will rise to the top, just like in the good 'ol days. We've been drinking this milk at Messina HQ for over a year now and can honestly say it's some of the best milk we've tasted. It's slightly yellower in colour than you'd normally be used to due to our cows being jersey cows. Once you try it, compare it to the $1 milk in the supermarkets and you'll never go back.

Currently available at all stores except The Star, CQ and QLD stores.

If you don't want to commit to a full bottle, you can try it in any of our milk shakes or thick shakes (or just in a scoop)!

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