Messina Eats: Hoy Pinoy

HOY PINOY has graced Messina Eats on three occasions.  Being one of our most popular offerings, they’ve drawn crowds from all over Sydney – travelling far and wide to get their hands on authentic Filipino BBQ.

Catch them next time to experience the smell of roasting meat slathered in savoury/sweet marinades wafting off an open-air smokey grill*, there isn’t many things better in life.

Some of their previous menu items include:

Sisig na Baboy – Roasted pork, chopped & seared with salsa served on pandesal flat bread
Inihaw na Baboy – pork belly skewers
Inihaw na Mankok – chicken skewers
Chicken Adobo Fries – tender chicken, with soy, vinegar, garlic & pepper sauce over fries

And desserts are always on us!  We’ve made a few Filipino concoctions, with a Messina twist of course.  Check out the slider below to get a feel for what we’ve made.

MESSINA’S HELLO HALO: Ube (purple yam) soft serve with jackfruit puree, coconut jellies and puffed rice crunch served on a leche flan (set caramel custard).

BIBINKA:  Bibingka filled with a scoop of gelato, topped with desiccated coconut, whipped butter and palm sugar syrup

TURON BANANA: caramelised banana spring roll with coconut gelato soft serve, topped with milk jam, jack fruit puree and toasted coconut

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