Creative Department x Lumi Dining Collaboration

We are more than excited to be welcoming back Federico Zanellato (Lumi Dining) and for the first time, Karl Firla (Oscillate Wildly) into our tiny Creative Department kitchen.

If you’ve ever dined at Lumi or Oscillate Wildy, you’ll know that both these guys have been creating some of the most intelligent, well balanced and innovative food in Sydney. Both from hatted restaurants, and both truly admired and revered by diners and chefs alike.

Federico and Karl will be joining forces with our own Remi Talbot to create a very special dining experience. Together the three chefs have curated a sensory experience which will really stretch your mind. A small dining room, a table of 8, and an 8-course degustation paired with alcoholic (or non-alcoholic drinks)... and a bit of theatre along the way.

The menu is under wraps for now but involves a decent amount seafood and animal proteins, along with an element of gelato or sorbet in every dish.  Peak your interest?

Sittings available: 31st March – 1st April, 6pm & 8:30pm
Hosted at:
The Creative Department By Messina, 243 Victoria St, Darlinghurst.
Tickets: 8-courses with non-alcoholic drinks $150 + $50 with the alcoholic pairing
unfortunately we cannot accomodate any dietary requirements or changes to the menu.

Tickets are now sold out.

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