Chocolate Pick 'N' Mix Is Back

The long awaited return of Pick ‘N’ Mix is here, ORDER NOW

Our chocolatiers have been busily enrobing, roasting, clustering and making hundreds of chocolate blocks, ready to refill our online store. Based on some of our most popular gelato specials, all of your favourites return as well as two new varieties — Waffle Cone Bites and Mocha Almonds. Each chocolate is hand made, so some variations in size and shape will occur.

The combination of clusters, bites and bars (including the sought after Neapolitan Bar) are available to order now, for doorstep delivery Australia wide.


MOCHA ALMONDS - roasted almonds coated in coffee white chocolate and milk chocolate (approx 200g)

GIANDUIA CLUSTERS - roasted hazelnuts coated in Messina milk chocolate and crispy wafer flakes (approx 200g)

JUST A PINCH BITES - pretzel crunch coated in Messina milk chocolate (approx 170g)

WAFFLE CONE BITES - caramelised waffle cones coated in milk chocolate (approx 170g)

CONE-CEPTION BLOCK - caramelised white chocolate mixed with cone crunch crumbs (approx 100g)

FAIRY BREAD BLOCK - white chocolate mixed with dehydrated toast crumbs, sprinkled with 100's & 1000's (approx 100g)

NEAPOLITAN BLOCK - milk chocolate, white chocolate with Heilala vanilla, strawberry chocolate infused with freeze dried strawberries (approx 100g)

MR POTATO HEAD CLUSTERS - potato chips and salted peanuts coated in Messina white chocolate (approx 110g)

STRAWBACCIO - candied pistachios coated in Messina strawberry chocolate (approx 200g)

PRICE (all + shipping):

1 x Pick 'N' Mix item - $10
3 x Pick 'N' Mix items - $28 - used code PNM3 for $2 off
6 x Pick 'N' Mix items - $55 - use code PNM6 for $5 off
9 x Pick 'N' Mix items - $80 - use code for PNM9 for $10 off
12 x Pick 'N' Mix items - $104 - use code for PNM12 for $16 off

ALLERGENS: Please see on each product

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a dry, cool place or if it's hot, store in the fridge.  Avoid direct sunlight or heat.

SERVING INSTRUCTIONS: Eat at room temperature.

DELIVERY: Orders will be shipped within five business days. With current courier delays some deliveries might take longer than expected, which will be out of our control.


Unfortunately no cancellations or refunds can be made on custom products, so please order carefully! If you have any issues with the products, contact


Unfortunately no app points will be available for any online store products.


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