We now do Shake Specials - and there's a Red Velvet one this month!

We’ve been doing Messina shakes in all our stores for yonks. BUT have finally decided to make some suped up specials.

Launching in all stores today, are 3 new MESSINA SHAKES…we’ve baked crunchy red velvet cake, made maple clusters and more and have shipped them off to stores to be added to these cups of joy. Winter bodies are made in winter right? We made the RED VELVET flavour at one of our recent MESSINA EATS events and let’s just say it was pretty popular.

The new milkshakes are also very special as they are part 1. of a very exciting story – they use MESSINA MILK. We recently purchased a farm in Country Victoria which is now home to around 300 jersey cows. You may have seen our recent MESSINA ADDITIONS series which shows you some of the things we make and bake in house (including our own chocolate and dulce de leche), and this is the next step of our journey to try and produce the best possible product we can…

We’re almost ready to supply milk from our cows for all our gelato, but not quite…but we do have enough for our new shakes. Watch this space for the #MessinaMilk story…

Here’s what’s on the MESSINA SHAKES menu:


2 x scoops of dulce de leche, 1 x scoop of white choc hazelnut and one shot of espresso (N, D)

this one’s a permanent fixture on the menu, so you can keep coming back for it!

Gelato Messina's new 'The Classic' Shake Special

AND we have two rotating specials which will change monthly:

RED VELVET – 2 x scoops of yoghurt berry, 1 x scoop of vanilla blended with red velvet cake, with raspberry puree & red velvet crumble on top (G, D, E)

Gelato Messina's Red Velvet Shake Special

THE ORACLE – 3 x scoops of choc sorbet, coconut cream mixture, topped with maple syrup coconut clusters (this one is allergen free & vegan)

Gelato Messina's 'The Oracle' Shake Special

Available in all stores…yes even the stores which didn’t have shakes before like Surry Hills and Circular Quay. Go try ’em and let us know what you think. Ask the staff for more details.

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