Calling All Aussie Expats in LA!

A little taste of ‘STRAYA is coming at ya…

For those of you who have left the sunny shores of Sydney and Melbourne and set up shop, home or mansion in LA, we know the MAIN thing you miss about your home town (apart from a decent cup of coffee, overuse of the C word (in the politest possible manner), more smashed avo than you can poke a stick at (with a smattering of Vegemite) might just be your weekly scoop of MESSINA.

For 5 days only, all your gelato dreams, hopes & prayers are going to be answered. The Messina bosses are upping sticks and popping up in downtown LA to bring a little bit Messina lurve to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

Enter, LA FOOD BOWL, the host of your Messina eating extravaganza for FIVE DAYS ONLY.

In true Messina style, we’re dropping the mother of all frozen bombs onto LA. We’ll be churning some of our most loved specials, plus special dessert creations including Deep Fried Ice Cream Balls and Gelato Burgers! Bring yourself, bring your wife and bring your trailer and help us pretend we’re cool! You never know, if it turns out alright we might just open a store there one day…

COME AND FIND US AT THE LA FOOD BOWL NIGHT MARKETS – 10-14 May (buy tickets to the SuperMarket section we’re in here)



Robert Brownie Jnr

Milk chocolate gelato, chocolate brownies and chocolate fudge


Peanut gelato with oreo custard & crushed oreo biscuit.

Glazed and Confused

Strawberry gelato with strawberry puree and glazed doughnuts


Egg, marsala and mascarpone gelato with lady finger biscuits soaked in espresso coffee

Salted Coconut and Mango

Salted coconut sorbet with mango puree

Brown Butter Pecan

Brown butter gelato with roasted pecans


Royale with Cheese

The Messina ‘gelato burger’ – milk chocolate gelato patty layered with white chocolate cheese, passionfruit ‘mustard’ and raspberry ‘ketchup’, served in a warm brioche bun

Great Balls of Fryer

Deep fried spiced banana & coconut gelato, on a bed of mango pudding, drizzled with passionfruit caramel

Only on Sundaes

Dulce de Leche gelato on top of a sweet corn pudding topped with a  lime puree and caramelised popcorn


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