Smooth Festival of Chocolate 2018

Finally, a festival where it’s your duty to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is if you want to make the most of your ticket.

WHEN: 1 – 2nd September, 10am – 6pm
WHERE: 1 Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park

The Smooth Festival of Chocolate is doing things a little differently this year.  They got soooo big that they’ve uprooted and moved the ticketed event to Sydney Olympic Park Showground  Only to ensure that they could bring even more delicious and entertaining options including; us, Knefeh Bakery, Donut Papi, Koi Desserts.

We're making three fresh creations:

WE’RE NUT WORTHY: Gianduia & white choc hazelnut gelato, hazelnut praline & hazelnut fudge glazed with milk chocolate and caramelised hazelnuts

SMASH-A-JAFFA: Milk choc & caramel ganache, rice bubbles & chocolate orange gelato dipped in orange chocolate

SANTIAGO’S SANDWICH: Dulce de Leche gelato with swirls of caramel, sandwiched between two chocolate covered biscuits

There’ll also be just enough savoury food to make you feel sane, a Callebaut Kitchen with live chef demos, kids activities, rides and a wine and chocolate pairing.

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