Disco Biscuits Are Coming to Canberra

Disco nights are coming to Canberra.  Popping up for one day only at SPLIT MILK and then for 10 days at THE COMMONS street feast, we’re hand-making Messina Disco Biscuits for the good people of Canberra.

Let the likes of Dune Rats and Tash Saltana bring the party to the dance floor at SPILT MILK, and we’ll take care of the party in your mouth.

If you didn’t get tickets to SPILT MILK, you can catch us with disco balls and all at THE COMMONS – a free 10 days long food festival from Thurs 30 Nov – Sun 10 Dec 2017 in Commonwealth Park.  We’ll be there along with meaty gods Mary’s & Hoy Pinoy who’ll satisfy your savoury cravings good and proper.

Check out the full food line up

Messina Disco Biscuits are good wholesome fun for all the fam. We’ve made three types – each one a delectable combination of gelato, biscuit bases and chocolate sure to get a party started on any night of the week. We hand make each ‘biscuit’ using our own house made chocolate, biscuits and sauces from our bakery, and of course our own gelato.

Don’t buy drugs kids, buy disco biscuitz.


SATURDAY NUT FEVER Choc hazelnut fudge, hazelnut and white chocolate gelato, wafers, milk chocolate dip, feuilletine and hazelnut praline crunch

Gelato Messina's 'Saturday Nut Fever' Disco Biscuit, available at The Commons & Spilt Milk Festival 2017

AFTER DISCO MINT Mint gelato, mint fudge, chocolate coated rice bubbles and dark chocolate dip

Gelato Messina's 'After Disco Mint' Disco Biscuit, available at The Commons & Spilt Milk Festival 2017

BISCO INFERNO Salted caramel gelato, milk jam (chewy caramel), marshmallow, dark chocolate biscuit base, dark chop dip

Gelato Messina's 'Bisco Inferno' Disco Biscuit, available at The Commons & Spilt Milk Festival 2017


1 day festival  – Saturday 25th November : 12pm – 11pm

THE COMMONS Street Feast:

Thurs 30 Nov – Sun 10 Dec 2017, Commonwealth Park, Canberra

Monday 5pm – 9pm
Tuesday 5pm – 9pm
Wednesday 5pm – 9pm
Thursday 5pm – 10pm
Friday 5pm – 11pm
Saturday 12pm – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 9pm

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