Pop Up At The Factory Theatre

We're celebrating the Sydney Comedy Festival at Factory Theatre from 24th April – 21st May.

If you're in need of a good laugh, The Factory Theatre has got you covered.  Check out their stellar line up of acts running from the end of April to the end of May in Marrickville.  

As they're our new neighbours over at Messina HQ, our gelato cart will be popping up at their site on Saturday 29th April with a custom flavour — Who's Lime Is It Anyway: coconut gelato with lime cheesecake and toasted coconut crumble. We'll also have custom made Cheesecake Gelato Fudgesicles and a couple of our favourite signature flavours.

If you prefer to visit our store which is literally next door (1 Rich Street), show our staff your valid ticket for the same date, to redeem 15% off any Messina purchase (only valid at Messina Marrickville 24th April – 21st May).


Gelato Messina Marrickville

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