Night Noodle Markets are coming to Melbourne

After 2 weeks in Sydney, our Gelato Jeepney has packed up and is heading to the Night Noodle Markets in Melbourne

Birrarung Marr - 8-25th November

Weekdays 5pm – late, Weekends 4pm – late

This year we’ve been inspired by the taste and smells of the Philippines (and our smokey neighbours at Hoy Pinoy) when making this year’s desserts. We’ve done a gelato take on the traditional Brazo De Mercedes, a pimped up 'Halo Halo’, a Turon like you’ve never seen before, and a peach & mango tribute to the fast food stalwart, Jollibee.


Brown sugar & banana gelato wrapped in banana bread & filo pastry, deep fried and served with custard & chocolate peanut crumb

'ALLO, 'ALLO! (the best seller from Sydney)
Dulce de leche gelato, caramel shaved ice, caramel leche flan, dulce de leche, toasted milk crumb, caramel syrup & evaporated milk

Layers of mango salsa, condensed milk chantilly cream, house-made graham cracker crumb and peach jellies

Pandan coconut gelato & condensed milk custard, sandwiched between a shortbread crust and baked meringue

We also have the Messina Jeepney CHATBOT on hand if you get bored in the queue - chat to it on Facebook Messenger, ask for a joke or watch videos of how we make our products before you even get to the front of the line.

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