Messina & Chill

We now exclusively deliver via UBER EATS

Wanna Messina & Chill tonight?

You can now get Messina Delivered to your door, with the help of Deliveroo.If someone asks you that, we take no responsibility for the context in which it's being asked. Especially if they mention Netflix too.  Please use protection.

We're making the Messina-ing and the chill-ing part easier to do. You can now get Messina delivered to you at home, on the couch*. The only bit of physical exertion required is to flex your fingers on the Deliveroo Website and maybe a trip to the spoon drawer.

* we said on the couch, but this isn't a stipulation. Where you choose to 'Messina and Chill' is quite frankly none of our business

How do I know if I'm in the delivery area?

Head to, whack in your postcode and if a Messina store appears in the listing, then you're in the delivery area. If no Messina store appears,'re not in it yet, so let's put some pressure on the good people of Deliverooto expand the service.

When do you deliver?

Deliveroo operate the delivery service during our store opening hours. The best thing to do is to check out each stores opening hours and check the times online.

Do you deliver cakes?

Yep! All cakes are available online. We also can't deliver custom cakes just yet. You can still order all of our cakes as per normal online here, or drop into a store.

So now we've gone through some of that boring stuff, wanna Messina and chill tonight? It's what you make it...

(p.s this post has been updated - we used to deliver via Suppertime / Foodora, but things have changed)

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