Big Gay Ice Cream Social

How did this psychedelic amalgamation of wondrous creatures and ice cream creations materialise? Just an everyday discussion between stateside Bryan and Doug at Big Gay Ice Cream, the Good Food Month team and ourselves, one casual Tuesday morning. It went a little like this:

"For reasons I can’t get into, I need to request (actually require) that the image of a unicorn never be used in relation to us, our events, or the festival in general. Any other entity, creature, being, spirit, mythical fictional or real is completely acceptable.

What about a uni-kitten??

Holy moly.

Call her Kitty Hawk! (that’s a US reference).

I’m all about that for sure.

Kitty Hawk it is!"

And so Kitty Hawk was born. She is now the spirit animal of our latest event in Melbourne for Good Food Month. An ICE CREAM SOCIAL. Big Gay Ice Cream are coming to Melbourne, and all involved thought that was the perfect excuse for an ice cream party.

On THURSDAY 26th November, we’ll all be descending (Kitty Hawk included) onto 1000£Bend for a P . A . R . T . Y !


Ice cream vans (yeahhhhh we just bought one!), gelato creations, drinks, tracks by CC:Disco + we’ve both got new books so you can buy a copy of. Get one signed and swing it round your head on the dance floor if you see fit.

6.30pm until late…tickets are $30 which includes a drink and 3 gelato creations we’re making (there’s two inspired by BGI plus our mini Dr Evil Magic Mushrooms are making a comeback for the event).


Here’s some more grown up journalism on BIG GAY ICE CREAM and big kids reclaiming the ice cream world

And here’s what you can eat. Big Gay Ice Cream’s Bryan and Douglas will be there along with Nick Palumbo and Donato Toce from our end. They’ll be signing books and throwing some shapes on the dance floor.


FAIRY BREAD PADDLE POP: toast and butter gelato dipped in BIG DAY ICE CREAM fairy bread sprinkles

SALTY PIMP CONE: vanilla gelato, dulce de leche & sea salt dipped in milk chocolate (inspired by this)

DR EVIL’S MINI MAGIC MUSHROOM: layers of dark chocolate gelato, dulce de leche & peanut cookies glazed with red ganache and white chocolate buttons. Chocolate ganache stalk. Sits on ‘grass’ of popping candy, crushed biscuit, white chocolate and almond praline.

Coming? See you on the dance floor, or petting Kitty Hawk by the bar.

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