Messina Additons - Baked Cheescake

At Messina HQ we make everything from scratch.  Each flavour of gelato has it’s own unique recipe and every addition is produced and baked in house by our team of pastry chefs.

During a 10 week series, we’ll release a new ‘additions’ video every week, to open our kitchen up to our customers and take you inside our gelato production.

WATCH our 7th additions video in the series, to see our slabs of cheesecake being mixed, baked and crumbled into our NYC PLUS special.  


Blog posts

  1. Messina Has Returned Home To Adelaide

    After spending over 20 years on the East Coast of Australia, perfecting the art of making what we think is arguably some of the best gelato on the planet, we are delighted to bring our gelato to home turf in Adelaide.
  2. Messina Eats Wonderbao

    It's been four long awaited years — Wonderbao are coming back to Sydney for a Lunar New Year pop up, featuring Mango Pancakes!  

  3. A trip to the Messina Farms

    We took a recent trip down to the Messina farms in Victoria to see what's been happening on both our dairy and hazelnut farms — see what we've been up to.