Messina Additions - Our Chocolate Machine

Messina’s labour of love has never been so relevant when telling the story of our chocolate making machine.  Imported and shipped from Italy and installed at Messina HQ in Marrickville (Sydney), this beast was custom designed for us to make all of our white, milk, dark and nut blended chocolate from scratch. We import cocoa butter and cocoa mass from Ecuador which is mixed with sugar, milk and nuts (depending on the type of chocolate).  Each chocolate recipe is formulated to blend seamlessly into our signature flavours, specials, and event products; which you’ve all secretly been eating for the last few months.

Since we’ve completed the project and successfully trialled it through our stores and events, it’s now time to tell the story.

Watch this video to hear our founders and owners Nick Palumbo and Donato Toce discussing why Messina chose to go on a chocolate production pilgrimage and what this means for our future as a brand.

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