Creative Department Truffle Degustation

The truffle degustation is now sold out. Tickets to our classic degustation are available HERE.

Our Creative Department restaurant will soon be taken over by the scent of black truffles from Manjimup (WA), during our 8-course seasonal degustation.  The Manjimup variety are recognised globally, nurturing the soil year-round with a mixture of oak and hazelnut trees, before being unearthed by hand.

As the prized truffles ripen and peak in winter, head chef Remi Talbot will weave them into sweet, savoury and umami dishes, all paired with gelato.  Choosing to honour the ingredient in four of the eight dishes, the menu and experience remains balanced.

A few dishes from the menu:

Brown butter gelato, roasted celeriac, egg yolk & truffle noodles, celery leaf oil
Accompanied by: Clos des cocus 2016 (Loire Valley, France) or non-alcoholic grapefruit & elderflower
Smoked bone marrow gelato, wagyu 9+ OX tongue, carrots & black pepper, kosho
Accompanied by: Insel Baltic Gose beer (Germany) or non-alcoholic oak & berry kombucha
Salted yeast caramel gelato, brioche, truffle, plum & port
Accompanied by: Aged plum & oolong tea

Price: $170pp including the non-alcoholic pairing. Optional alcoholic pairing $50pp.

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