Chocolate Bars Available At Select Stores

If you haven't tried our newest handheld chocolate creations — now's the time.  

An extension of our most delicious signature and special gelato flavours, the in-house chocolatiers have developed a new range of 26 chocolate bars. Made using single-origin cacao and cocoa butter from Ecuador, soft cream fillings and crunchy biscuit or nougat bases, before being enrobed in white, caramelised white, 45% milk, or 65% dark chocolate. 

chocolate enrobing machine

All of the chocolate bars and fillings are made in our custom built chocolate production room at the Marrickville Mothership, by hand.  From producing the raw tempered chocolate to baking the biscuits, roasting nuts and making trays of nougat.

Messina chocolate production

The full range is available from our Marrickville and Martin Place stores in Sydney, with a smaller selection available in Fitzroy, Melbourne.  The bars can be purchased for $7 each or in beautiful gift boxes of 4 ($25) or 8 ($48).

View the Sydney range

View the Melbourne range

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