Messina Eats Shadow Baking

In a Messina Eats first, we're collaborating with Shadow Baking — the brain child of our own Messina chefs  for a breakfast patisserie feast.

WHEN: Saturday 16th September, 8am until sold out

WHERE: 1 Rich Street, Marrickville (Mothership)

If you haven't heard of Shadow Baking, it's about time you add them to your Sydney pastry radar.  Famous for unexpected Australiana / French combos and croissants so flaky you need a bib — also notoriously hard to get your hands on as they pop up "every now and then" at the Cannery Markets and sell out within a few hours.

Shadow Baking

Founded by three Messina head chefs, who think up all of our custom hot tubs, bavarians, cookie pies and cakes — it's no secret that they're pretty good in the kitchen (no bias) and like to keep their fingers in many pies.

The team have developed signature viennoserie which will feature at the event, as well as limited edition specials and hot made-to-order dishes which have never been produced. 

It wouldn't be a Messina Eats without a collaboration dessert and we're brining out the big guns: kouign–amann custard gelato sandwich, filled with vanilla caramel.

kouign-amann gelato sandwich

Reuben Croissant Sandwich 
Pretzel croissant, house-made pastrami, Russian dressing, Swiss gruyère, sauerkraut & pickles

Reuben Croissant Sandwich

Vegemite Avocado Scroll 
Vegemite scroll, cheddar, smashed avo, fermented chilli egg jam & pecorino

Vegemite Avocado Scroll

'Eggs Benedict’ Tart 
Croissant dough tart, sautéed silverbeet, bacon, smoked scamorza, poached egg, hollandaise sauce & potato rosti soldiers

‘Eggs Benedict’ Tart

Mushroom Pain Suisse 
Sautéed mushrooms, shiitake béchamel sauce, sesame seeds & parmesan cheese

Mushroom Pain Suisse

Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia
Confit garlic, rosemary & olive oil

Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia

Custard Tart Danish
Croissant dough, vanilla custard, nutmeg

Custard Danish

Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant 
Chocolate hazelnut frangipane, Messinatella & roasted hazelnuts

chocolate hazelnut croissant

Macadamia & Mandarin Croissant
Macadamia frangipane & mandarin marmalade

macadamia and mandarin croissant

Coconut & Pandan Brioche
Brioche, pandan custard & coconut chew

Coconut & Pandan Brioche

Marrickville local Double Roasters will be popping up for the event, making freshly brewed coffees all morning to accompany your brekky, so don't forget to bring your keep cup.  We'll have plenty of seating and banging tunes, so you can stay entertained while you queue and the Marrickville store will be open from 8am.

Where can I get Shadow Baking after Messina Eats?

Luckily they're opening a permanent store in Darlinghurst next to our OG Messina later in the year, where they'll be serving up signatures and weekly specials, using Messina milk, chocolate hazelnut spread, dulce de leche and chocolate.  Rumour has it you'll be able to add scoops to your goods to make them extra decadent. 

Who makes up the Shadow Baking Motley Crew?

Tom Mitchell – executive chef at Messina for nine years and previously at Zumbo Patisserie.

Florian Fritsch – head chef at Messina for eight years, previously worked at Dinner by Heston and Rockpool.

Remi Talbot – full time Shadow Baker, previously our head chef at the Messina Creative Restaurant for six years and a pastry chef at Den (Japan).

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