• Valentine's Day 2018 - Crème Brû-laid
  • Valentine's Day 2018 - Crème Brû-laid

Valentine's Day 2018 - Crème Brû-laid

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Bring one of these bad boys home to your significant other, or if you want to be Brû-laid; start dropping hints coz Vday is next week and time is running out.

WHAT'S INSIDE? This single serve heartthrob on a stick comes packed with crème brûlee gelato, a gooey caramel centre and finished in a red chocolate dip.

CUSTOMISE YOUR HEART: Just to make things extra special, this year you can customise your heart via your online order (in 12 characters or less).


Basically it’s a ‘free for all’ service. Take it out of the freezer 30-45 minutes before serving (depending on your home freezer), give it a poke to test how soft it is, rustle up your biggest spoon and make sure you’re the first in line to grab all the good bits – although it’s all pretty damn good.

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Remember it’s gelato so bring an esky if you’re travelling far…no one wants you to ruin Christmas. The trifle will last about 30 minutes out of the freezer