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Messina Got A Loyalty App!

Those days are over my friends… we’ve catapulted ourselves into the future to bring you the Messina App.

The Messina App is our version of those coffee stamp cards you keep in your wallet, but ours is way more fun. Everytime you pay on your Messina App in store, you'll earn Messina points, which equal free gelato, and cool stuff!

Messina Points = Free Gelato

Getting Free Messina

Well duh, if you like eating Messina then you have to get the Messina App because that's exactly what it's designed to enable you to do more of.

Access to app only gelato creations

Turn on your notifications and check them frequently, who knows what could pop-up in one of our stores...

No Coins Required

No cash required! Just tell the staff you’re paying with the app and leave your wallet at home. The app works like your Uber app...load up your card and away you go.

Your Messina points will add up to cool stuff like:

  • Free scoops (if you’re good!) – once you rack up 300 points, you can redeem for a scoop!
  • Messina merch… A swanky new tote bag perhaps?
  • Entry to our ‘Board of Specials’ where you get to vote on your favourite specials coming back into the cabinet
  • Ongoing love from the Messina team at your local store (optional)
  • A free scoop of Messina on your birthday (fyi you have to have spent the small amount of $10 on your app before you’re eligible for this)
the fine print

Terms & Conditions

  • We will never share your data… only use it for the greater good of your gelato eating life
  • Your card details are secure. When your card details are loaded into the app, only payments in a Messina store will be taken, and only when approved by you
  • Any transactions processed by the Messina App will appear on your card statement as ‘Messina’
  • The app may authenticate your card with a $1 fee every now and then – this will not be taken as payment and should disappear off your card statement within a couple of days
  • Prices are the same when paying on the app as they are when paying cash or paypass.
  • The app doesn’t work when the internet is off in our stores – sorry. Sometimes this happens so you won’t be able to make payment

Need some Support?

If you're having problems with the app, or have a question about the Messina App, fill out the form below, or click on the ‘Support’ tab in left hand menu of the app. Someone will get back to you in 24 hours.

If you're a current Messina App customer, please make sure you use the email address you signed up with

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