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  • The Sticky Snail
  • The Sticky Snail

    The Sticky Snail

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    We've upped our 'bake at home' game with a NEW, super sticky brioche dessert.

    Pick up your order from the store you ordered from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th July.

    Snails are good and all, but have you tried Sticky Snails filled with choc chips, vanilla custard and malted caramel sauce? Well, now you can. Off the back of the Cookie Pie frenzy, the Messina chefs have been hard at work testing the next best 'bake at home' phenomenon.

    Even though iso is on it's way out, there's no excuse for not living your best home life. The Sticky Snail serves 4-6 people and only requires 15-20 minutes in the oven, before it's ready to seek your approval. You could buy the lone escargot, but we highly recommend adding on our gelato bargain bundles to complete the package. If you want to really do yourself a doozy, add our new toppings range: choc-hazelnut, dulce de leche or peanut butter. *Available at all stores except Coolangatta and The Star.


    • Pre-order your STICKY SNAIL on Monday 29th June (on this page)
    • Choose your pick up day and time from any of our stores (except The Star or Coolangatta) over 3 days, from 3rd – 5th July
    • Add your gelato and feel smug you’ve taken advantage of one of our take home tub bundle offers
    • Come 3rd – 5th July, waltz into your preferred Messina and pick up what's rightfully yours. You've got this!
    The Bundles:
    • Sticky Snail on it's own - $20
    • Sticky Snail + 500ml tub - $28 (would be $34.80, save $6.80)
    • Sticky Snail + 1ltr tub - $36 (would be $44.80, save $8.80)
    • Sticky Snail + 1.5ltr tub - $39 (would be $49, save $10.00)

    SERVES: 4 - 6

    ALLERGENS: Egg, Gluten, Dairy