• Raising The Bars Chocolate Box
  • Raising The Bars Chocolate Box
  • Raising The Bars Chocolate Box
  • Raising The Bars Chocolate Box
  • Raising The Bars Chocolate Box

Raising The Bars Chocolate Box

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Our first 2022 creations are chunky, handmade chocolate bars based around four of our most legendary gelato specials.

It’s a new year and the Messina Chocolate Department is taking you and your stomachs to new heights. The team has crafted four bespoke chocolate bars, inspired by our most popular and long-standing gelato specials.

Inside each custom box, you won't find any gelato, but you will find:

VOVOVROOM BAR: Layers of raspberry cream, raspberry jam, desiccated coconut and sablé biscuit coated in raspberry chocolate

JUST LIKE A MILKSHAKE BAR: Layers of chocolate malt cream, milk chocolate panned rice bubbles and chocolate sablé biscuit coated in milk chocolate

FAIRY BREAD BAR: Layers of toasted breadcrumb cream, 100’s & 1000’s and sablé biscuit coated in white chocolate

LAMINGTON BAR: Layers of chocolate cream, raspberry jam, chocolate dusted desiccated coconut and chocolate sablé biscuit coated in dark chocolate

Allergens: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts

Serves: 4 - 8 people

These are sold out now! Sorry

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The bars DO NOT contain any gelato! Please store them in the fridge at all times and leave at room temperature 30 mins before eating, for optimal deliciousness.

‍Unfortunately no refunds or cancellations can be made, due to it being a limited edition product.

Please make sure you collect your order during the 'pick up dates'. Due to limited amount of storage space in stores, we are unable to keep products for too long. If you have extenuating circumstances, please email us at info@gelatomessina.com.