• Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons
  • Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons
  • Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons
  • Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons
  • Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons

Mother's Day 2020 - Bon Bons

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This year's box of 9 beautiful bon bons are extra special. We've handed over the reigns to Messina's chocolatiers to produce a range of artisan chocolates made from world class single origin cocoa, handmade in the Messina chocolate room at Rosebery HQ.

We've been making our own chocolate since 2017 using single origin cocoa from Ecuador – you’ll have been eating it in our gelato, cakes and baked goods. Recently, we’ve gone one step further, and expanded our chocolate making facilities to include some new machinery, including a ‘conche’ and ‘refiner’ which have helped us on our quest to produce chocolate in bar format. With our new set-up, we’ve been tweaking and testing our recipes and techniques using world class single origin cocoa and some of the best ingredients found in Australia. We’re now selling large bars to some of the tops chefs and restaurants in the country — watch this space for a retail range coming next year…fingers crossed! This year's box of Bon Bons lets you get a special early taste of our new chocolate varieties –– each flavour is enrobed in a one of our certified fair-trade white, milk and dark chocolates.

MESSINA CHOCOLATE VARIETIES - White, 44% Milk, 65% Dark, 80% Dark


Davidson Plum – Davidson Plum ganache in a white chocolate and plum powder shell (N, D)
Earl Grey  Earl grey ganache, sable and earl grey marshmallow, enrobed in milk chocolate (D, G, E, N, Ge)
Alfajores  Mini sable sandwich, filled with dulce de leche and enrobed in milk chocolate (D, G, E, N)
Lamington  Lamington ganache and raspberry jelly enrobed in dark chocolate, dusted with coconut (D, E, N, G)
Mandarin White Choc  Mandarin ganache in a white chocolate shell (D, N)
Messina Rocher  Whole roasted hazelnut, covered in salted caramel ganache, enrobed in milk chocolate, feuilletine and crushed hazelnuts (D, N G)
Strawberry Pate De Fruit  Strawberry pate de fruit enrobed in milk chocolate (D,N)
80% Dark Chocolate  Dark chocolate ganache in a single origin 80% criollo dark chocolate shell (D, N)
Yuzu White Chocolate  Yuzu ganache in a white chocolate shell (D, N)


  1. Pre-order your Chocolate Bon Bons
  2. Choose your pick up day and time from select stores over 3 days, from Friday 7th – 9th May
  3. Pick up your Bon Bons on or before Mother's Day

SERVES: 9 bon bons

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The chocolates do not contain any gelato. Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.