• How Now Tub, Wow! Hot Tub
  • How Now Tub, Wow! Hot Tub
  • How Now Tub, Wow! Hot Tub

    How Now Tub, Wow! Hot Tub

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    Inspired by our beautiful Jersey cows from Victoria and How Now gelato cake, we bring you the newest addition in the hot tub collection.

    Made almost entirely from Messina Jersey Milk, tuck into layers of jersey milk gelato, dulce de leche, dulce de leche gelato, jersey milk soaked sponge, toasted milk crumble and whipped cream, topped with black and white chocolate “cow print”. Best packed into Messina Cones™, and eaten in your nearest hot tub obviously.

    And if you're not sure how dulce de leche is made, check out this article about our long journey to perfecting the South American spread, using our Jersey Milk and a whole lotta patience.


    1. Order your How Now Tub, Wow
    2. Choose your pick up day and time between 16th – 18th July.
      NSW residents: please stick to your allocated pick up time when collecting from our stores, to ensure we adhere to COVID safety regulations. We will be making the collection process as fast and contact free as possible.
    3. Pick up your tub and leave straight after collecting.

    SIZE: 1L

    BEST PACKED INTO: Messina Cones™

    SERVES: 2 - 6

    ALLERGENS: eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts, alcohol (in vanilla essence)