• Father's Day 2017- Gelato on Film
  • Father's Day 2017- Gelato on Film

Father's Day 2017- Gelato on Film

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Being an Awesome Dad for DUMMIES – the (edible) VHS edition!

This year our Father’s Day Cake is an ultra-modern, fully edible VHS! Even if your dad is the best dad EVS, throughout your childhood, we’re prettttyyy sure he’s tried to embarrass you in some shape or form. Imagine if he’d had this handy VHS back then…

Inspired by ‘the good old days…’ our special release includes ‘Tips & Tricks’ for dads to:

  • Intimidate your daughter's boyfriend even though he’s taller, younger, fitter and generally much stronger than yourself!
  • Feed the kids for a week on Bunnings sausage sizzles alone!
  • Save valuable time every morning by having your kids sleep in their school uniform!

REALLY THOUGH, IT’S GELATO Just to be clear this is actually a GELATO cake and you can’t put it in a VCR player (who the hell owns one of those these days anyway?). Underneath the chocolate shell and fully edible VHS print, lies a layered gelato cake which tastes like the best damn negroni you’ve ever drunk (eaten?).


Chocolate orange cake, layered with Vermouth gelato, almond crunch, more chocolate orange cake, negroni gel made with Archie Rose gin and blood orange mousse. Topped with an edible VHS chocolate layer. You just can’t eat the box. (Flavour note, the alcohol flavour is very mild and sweet, suitable for all the fam, apart from the under 18’s obvs) Numbers are limited so if you really love your dad (note: guilt trip), you’ll get him one of these and get another to stick in the freezer next time you scratch his car or run over his dog.

ALLERGIES: alcohol, egg, dairy, gelatine, nuts, gluten

SERVES: 6-8 people  

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