Urban Dairy for Good Food & Wine Melbourne

We're taking over THE URBAN DAIRY as part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. And seeing as it's the urban dairy, we thought we would get all experimental with milk. Thanks to our buddies at Meredith Dairy and their be-ewe-tiful sheep, we've made a sheep’s milk ricotta gelato. We've also gone all buff and made buffalo milk yoghurt soft serve drizzled with condensed milk caramel.

The 2016 Festival Hub is a homage to all things dairy. Open for 10 days in Queensbridge Square with a daily rotation of events and menus, we'll be there 9&10 March, plus Big Gay Ice Cream and Pierre's and Hartsyard will all be whipping up things in the dairy.


4  - 6  March Big Gay Ice Cream (USA)

7 - 8  March Pierre's

9 - 10  March Gelato Messina - THAT'S US!

11 - 13  March Hartsyard

Here's what will be on our menu - only available 9-10 March:


Cannoli shells filled with Meredith Dairy sheep’s milk ricotta gelato, infused with citron and dipped in crushed pistachio nuts


The Messina tres leches - milk soaked sponge layered with dulce de leche gelato, topped with whipped cream and warm condensed milk caramel


Buffalo milk yoghurt soft serve layered with warm condensed milk caramel


Lime cheesecake gelato sandwiched between two housemade cheesecake biscuit bases

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